Romain Nero



Born on 13th August 1967 in Esch/Aizette in Luxembourg. First camera at the age of 9, initiation courses in photography in High School. Developing and processing B&W such as colour photographs himself, successful participation in national and international photo contests from 1998.  From 2000 participate on exhibitions on a national and international level, 2010/2011 he won National Photographic Championship in Luxembourg, 10 of his pictures  are part of the "National collection of Photographs about Luxembourg".

In 2006 he starting international judging activity, from 2015 on lecturing about general photographic subjects and FlAP matters.

He is Director of FlAP Patronage Service, member of International Federation of Photographic Arts (FlAP) Executive Board and Vice-president of Luxembourg Society of Art Photography (FLPA)

Photographic distinctions: EFIAP/gold, HonEFlAP, ESFLPA, HonFLPA

In last 18 years he held personal exhibition in Bosnia-Hercegovina, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Luxembourg, Malaisia, Oman, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Taiwan  and Turkey. This is his 49th personal exhibition.

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