Guo Jing



Guo Jing, photographer and curator, juror for international photography contests, Global Photographic Union (GPU)  board  member, Chapter President  of Royal Photographic Society   (RPS) in China, international representative of The Photographic Society of New York ( PSNY) in  Zhejiang, China, member of China Photographers Association (CPA) and Photographic Society of America (PSA).

She has been invited to curate shows at festivals in China, and was awarded with top curatorial prize Pegasus award. Besides, she collaborated with institutions in US, UK, South Africa, Italy, Oman, etc, to organized photography related event and exchange activities. She is the author of the book entitled Top Secrets of Award-winning Photography.

Individual Exhibition :

China Qinghai Sanjiangyuan International Photography Festival - 2012; China Pingyao International Photography Festival - 2012; National Museum of Lvov, Ukraine - 2013; New York, USA - 2013; China Yixian Photography Festival - 2013; Cape Town Gallery, South Africa - 2014; Exhibition in Munich, Germany - 2014; China Qinghai Sanjiangyuan International Photography Festival - 2014; Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa - 2014; Germany Photography Festival -  2014; China Yixian Photography Festival - 2014; Arts Association of Bellville in Cape Town - 2015; Third UPI Photography Festival in Morocco - 2015.

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