Photo club De Rarekiek


Photo club De Rarekiek was founded on September 9, 1957 as Photo Kring Kiekend Flakkee. In 1963 it merged with the slide club De Kleurenzifters and in 1967 the name De Rarekiek was taken into use. The club grew and flourished from the 1960s onwards and currently has over 40 members.

Photo club De Rarekiek is an active photo club that mainly focuses on the creative side of photography. The club tries to create a platform for photographers to further discover and develop their own style and own face in photography.

To this end, the club organizes a club evening at least three times a month on Friday or Monday from September to mid-June in the Melishof in Melissant on Goeree-Overflakkee, during which all kinds of aspects of photography are discussed. These include:

• Discussion of own photo work on paper and digitally

• Inviting guest photographers to show their work or discuss our photo work.

• More extensive presentations of work by our own members

• Photo tours, (part day, full day or multi-day)

• Exchanges with other photo clubs (visits to and from, or exchange of a collection and comments on it)

• Mentors: De Rarekiek regularly uses mentors from the Fotobond to support members who want to improve their level.

The most important aspect is the discussion of photo and projected work with the aim of achieving better photos through discussion, positive criticism and tips, especially looking at the image in the photo and to a lesser extent the technique used. A discussion leader directs the discussion.

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