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Guo Jing, EFIAP, LRPS, GPU CR-3, GPU Hermes, FAPU, is a photographer and curator. She currently serves as Vice President of Global Photographic Union(GPU), President of GPU-China, Chairman of Royal Photographic Society Shangtuf Chapter and art counsultant of Shangtuf Image and Art Club.

She has been invited to jury panels of photography competitions and festivals in the United States, Austria, Greece, UAE, Italy, and many more. she has been invited to portfolio review events at Lishui International Photography Festival in 2012 and Photolucida in the United States in 2017 and 2019. In 2014, the exhibition entitled “View - Appreciate Exhibitions of Presidents of Photography Societies from Ten Countries” at Photo Beijing has landed her a Pegasus Award, top honor for curators in China. She has been invited as Chief Curator for “Camel Bell on Silk Road” Naiman International Photo Festival in 2018; in the same year, she has served as international representative of Asia and America at the “Rabat Lumiere” in Morocco. She has also been invited to curate for China Yixian International Photography Festival from 2013 to 2020 and Qinghai Sanjiangyuan Photography Festival in 2014. Besides, she also curates exhibitions at Pingyao International Photo Festival, Shanghai International Photo Festival, and many exhibitions won awards at the festivals. She has received the honorary title of Top Ten Chinese Photography Curators.

She has also been actively involved in the photography exchange and curatorial field, organizing exchange events with collaborators in the United States, Ukraine, Greece, Italy, South Africa, Morocco, Germany, Oman, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, and many other countries. From 2014 to 2015, she planned the "Beautiful Country" China-South Africa Photography Exchange Exhibition and a series of photo exchange activities to celebrate the "National Year" of China-South Africa. In June 2018, she planned “Belt and Road” into North Africa and Photographic Exchange Exhibition to celebrate 60th Anniversary of China-Morocco Bilateral Relation.

In addition, she is the author of the book “Top Secrets of Award-winning Photography”.

A Tribute to Cézanne

The photo series of “A Tribute to Cézanne”is based on classic still life paintings of the French Post-Impressionist pioneer Paul Cézanne, recreating the artist’s traditional still life paintings with modern elements to address the most concerning global social issue of plastic pollution and food safty, exploring artistic expression through the medium of photography to revitalize the life of traditional oil paintings.

The recreation of classic paintings is not to simply copy the originals, but to innovate and keep up with the time. Plastic wrap and artificial little blue flowers evident in every photo of the whole series are symbols of contemporary elements, through which the photographer is drawing the global attention on food safety issues such as plastic pollution and transgenosis technology in the food industry, transforming the traditional classic oil paintings into contemporary photographic works with the significance of the times.

Going through this series, the viewers were offered an opportunity to review classic paintings with a new perspective, and were chanlleged to think about what’s in each frame.

Plant series

Plant series is intended to redefine the concept of "photography" and explore the relationship between "camera photography" and "off-camera photography".

The two sides of the same plant specimen were created with different techniques. One was scanned with a scanner and the other was photographed with a camera. Then the two pieces were put together against a black and white background respectively, so that we can see the differences and the interplay between the two images of the same plant. Only when the two are combined can we picture the whole plant specimen, which implying that different media can play a complementary role in art creation. Contemporary photography is a broad conception of imagery art, which means we need to think out of the box.


The sudden outbreak of the corona virus pandemic has severely disrupted our lives, as we are constantly harassed by anxiety and uneasiness. I try to find some highlights and vitality in my life during these gloomy days. So I start to decorate the house with some flowers in my daily life. I am particularly fond of sunflowers, as they give us hope. But flowering stage of the sunflowers is rather short. Hence, i approach to image-making medium to create the blooming state of the sunflowers. 

During the image-making process, I strive to capture the strength of life and blooming state of the sunflowers, offering athletics and hope to the viewers. All the withered flowers are in full bloom again, as if they are given a second chance to be alive again. This body of works is created with a flatbed scanner, and each image is unique. I am grateful for this process of making the images, as I was able to put other thoughts away and examine my inner world and to express myself with the images.

郭宬,女,摄影师、策展人。 EFIAPLRPS GPU CR-3GPU Hermes ,国际摄影家联盟(GPU)副主席、GPU CHINA主席;英国皇家摄影学会中国尚图坊分会主席;尚图坊艺术顾问。


近年涉足跨国摄影交流及策展领域,成功策划和美国、乌克兰、希腊、意大利、南非、摩洛哥、德国、阿曼、英国、阿联酋、塞尔维亚等国家的摄影艺术交流展览和活动,以及2014-2015“美丽国家”中国-南非摄影交流展暨庆祝中国-南非 “国家年”系列摄影交流活动、2018“一带一路”走进北非暨庆祝中摩建交60周年摄影艺术交流活动等。

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