Riccardo Busi



Born in 1958 in Florence, doctor in Political Sciences, master in Diplomatic Career and in International Organizations. Heapproached photography in 1974 working both in B/W and Color. Travel and Nature photographer, he is presently coordinator and trainer of photography courses and workshops (advanced and beginner course of nature and travel) and collaborator of "Panda Photo" Photographic Agency - Rome.

He has actively participated in shows and competitions realizing from 1980 to today 383 personal and collective exhibitions and slide projections in 32 different countries. He has gathered more than 1000 admissions in international competitions and over 200 awards. Judge in more than 300 national and international competitions in 28 different countries, since 1982.

FIAP President since August 2012.

Photos from this exhibition were created while traveling in China, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Oman, USA, Cuba, Romania, Ukraine, Ciprus and Turkey.

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